Chill Owlt FCB

Chill Owlt Frozen Carbonated Beverage Syrup is formulated for high capacity carbonated slush machines. Frozen Carbonated Beverage, or FCB, is similar in flavor to a slushie, but has a fluffy texture and light carbonation. The carbonation gives a hint of fizz that you would typically find in soda.

  • Certified OU Kosher

  • Gluten-Free

Available Flavors

Blue Raspberry



How to Use

Chill Owlt Frozen Carbonated Beverage Mix is formulated for carbonated slush machines. The reason why our Frozen Carbonated Beverage Mix is so popular is because of the amazing taste! If you want your carbonated slushies to keep your guests wanting more, then you came to the right place! Our top quality syrups taste fantastic and come at a price you can afford!

While FCB is similar in flavor to a slushie, our specially formulated syrup rapidly expands when combined with water and CO2, giving it the fluffy texture and the added light taste of carbonation. The carbonation gives a hint of fizz that you would typically find in a soda. Slush syrups will not work with an FCB machine.

Although Chill Owlt Frozen Carbonated Beverages are quite popular in convenience stores, it is also perfect for movie theaters, school athletic concession sales, bowling alleys, miniature golf, or any place where a slush beverage is desired.

An independent study conducted by a leading national equipment manufacturer found that our product showed overrun consistently above 87%. They also concluded that Chill Owlt Frozen Carbonated Beverage product is easy to dispense with no popping at the valve, having very light texture with very good quality, showing no collapsing and stayed in the cup while inverted.

Chill Owlt FCB is designed to work with Frozen Carbonated Beverage equipment.

Carbonated Slush Equipment: Chill Owlt FCB Flavor Syrup connects directly to your FCB dispensing equipment using a QCD2 disconnect (gray) or a non-proprietary screw on type disconnect (all colors excluding red). Set at a mixing ratio of one (1) part Freeze-O-Saurus FCB Flavor Syrup with five (5) parts carbonation.

Case Packed: 3 Gallon

Mix Ratio: 5+1

Pallet Configuration:
3 Gallon Bag in Box: 10 per layer/6 layers = 60 per pallet

Profit Calculator


Profits & Margin

*Includes ice displacement or expansion

**All calculations are approximate, your results may vary

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