Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor


Enhance Your baked goods! The rich, delicious flavor Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla will make your products fly off the shelves.  Available in 12/32 oz or 4/1 gallon bottles.

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Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor, unlike many lower grade flavors, will not diminish under heat. The rich, delicious flavor of Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla will remain intact during the cooking process, leaving you with a tasty finished product every time.
Available in 4/1 Gallons and 12/32 oz. Bottles.


Imitation Vanilla Flavor


12/32oz, 4/1 Gallon

Additional Information

ITEM# 4044983
Case Pack: 12/32 ounce bottles
Case Dimensions: 13.37″L x 10.75″W x 10″H
Yield per Bottle: 32 ounces
Yield per case: 384 ounces
Item # 4044984
Case Pack: 3 gallon bag in a box
Box Dimensions: 11.4″W x 11.6″W x 11.4″H
Yield: 3 gallons (11.36L, 384 ounces)
Shelf Life Before and After Opening: 720 days
Ingredient Benefits: Does not require refrigeration before or after opening.
Allergens: n/a
Kosher: OU Kosher Certified Pareve

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