Contract Packing

Contract Packing

Contract Packing

Contract Packing

Your Brand. Our Service. Win-Win.


Copacking with H&H Products is an easy and efficient way to get your products to distributors and operators. Our 41,000 square foot facility can consistently manufacture your proprietary formula consistently and quickly. You provide the ingredients and formulation and select your packaging, and H&H Products takes it from there.

Your order is blended, quality-controlled, bottled, affixed with your brand label and is ready for you to pick up within 10 business days. H&H offers a variety of packaging options for liquid cold-filled products.

With our contract packing services, your order is:


Quality Controlled




Quality Control

We stand by the quality of contract packing products and go to great lengths to make sure you receive consistent, high quality, and safe products for your foodservice business. Our manufacturing facilities include a full on-site laboratory and a Quality Control Team, which performs microbiological studies regularly to guarantee equipment cleanliness.

At H&H Products, know that food safety is essential, and we trace all ingredients from start to finish. You can be confident in our quality control.


Our shelf-stable products are filled at the facility in large and small batches, based on your needs. Our 14 blend tanks and 7 production lines are ready to fill your order to your specifications. These 7 lines are broken down as:

  • 1 Portion Pack Line
  • 2 Inlines (for 12, 48, and 64 oz Bottles, Quarts, and Liters)
  • 1 Gallon Bottle Line
  • 3 Bag-in-Box/Dispenser Pack Lines

Our contract packing services include liquid cold filling only in plastic packaging. We do not do hot fills in glass or aseptic packing.

Products being fulfilled at H&H Products
Packing and Shipping

We offer a variety of packaging options from PET and HDPE bottles to bag-in-box. You can even choose to package your order in pails and drums. There are several package sizes to choose from, click to see what we pack.

Once your order is blended, quality-checked, filled, labeled, and packaged, it is either stored at our facility or shipped to you. H&H Products takes pride in our impressive lead times.

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