Mile Marker 0 Daiquiri Mix

Say hello to Mile Marker O, our top of the line mixers that are made with real fruit purees and juices and sweetened with pure cane sugar. Whether on the rocks, in a blender or for large batches in a granita or slush machine for commercial use, these mixers transport your guests to a tropical paradise.

  • Caffeine-Free

  • Certified OU Kosher

  • Gluten-Free

  • Pure Cane Sugar

  • Real Fruit Juice

Available Flavors



Pina Colada


How to Use

These concentrates are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration before and after opening. With these easy to use mixes, there is no need to thaw before use or refrigerate unused product. Mile Marker 0 Mixers are always ready to blend and serve.

Our Mile Marker 0 mixers are extra thick and loaded with purees and juices to create the best tasting beverages. These mixers are formulated to use on the rocks, in a blender or a frozen cocktail machine. All mixers can be made with or without alcohol. We recommend adding alcohol after dispensing when using slush or granita machines to help with freeze down time and create more options for your customers.

And the best part is that our mixers are shelf stable! No freezing or thawing. Simply store in a cool, dry place, and your mixes are ready to blend. No refrigeration is required before or after opening.

In a blender: Blend 2 oz of mix, 6 oz ice and 1 oz alcohol (or 1 oz of water for non alcoholic beverages). Blend until smooth. Makes 1, 12 oz drink.

In a slush or granita machine: Mix one part (1) mix with three parts (3) water. For the best quality, use purified or filtered water. Follow the setting instructions on the equipment for freeze settings.

Case Packed: 6, 64 oz bottles

Mix Ratio: 3+1

Pallet Specifications:
13 per layer/6 layers = 65 per pallet

Profit Calculator


Profits & Margin

*Includes ice displacement or expansion

**All calculations are approximate, your results may vary

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