Hartley's Imitation Vanilla Flavor

Enhance your baked goods with the rich, delicious flavor of Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla flavor. Your products will fly off the shelves.

  • Certified OU Kosher

  • Gluten-Free

Available Flavors

Imitation Vanilla Flavor

How to Use

Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor, unlike many lower grade flavors, will not diminish under heat. The rich, delicious flavor of Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla will remain intact during the cooking process, leaving you with a tasty finished product every time.

Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor is ready to use and will enhance the flavor of your cookies, cakes, icings and other baked goods.

Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor Packed:
12, 32 oz Bottles
4, 1 Gallon Bottles

Pallet Configuration
4/1 Gal 12 per layer/4 layers = 48 per pallet
12/32 oz 11 per layer/4 layers = 44 per pallet

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