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Betty Jean's Tea Sugar

Say goodbye to granulated sugar. Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar, made with pure cane sugar is a simple way to sweeten your Southern Tea. Brew your favorite tea then pour in Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar at any point during or after the brew cycle. When adding Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar to 3 gallons of tea, each brew will yield an additional 3-4 cups of tea adding profits to your bottom line!

  • Certified OU Kosher

  • Pure Cane Sugar

Available Flavors


How to Use

We offer a selection of liquid sweeteners. They can be used for cocktails, blended drinks, baking or to simplify your tea program.

No more stirring granulated sugar in hopes it will dissolve to create that perfect beverage or pastry your customers are seeking.

There are two packaging options to fulfill any tea brewing process.

48 oz Bottle: Pour one bottle in 3 gallons of brewed tea and stir. Sweetened Tea is now ready to serve.

3 Gallon Bag-in-Box: Add 48 oz of Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar to a 3 gallon brew of tea.

Case Packed:
6/48 oz Bottles
3 Gallon Bag-in-Box

Pallet Configurations:
6/48 oz Bottles: 16 per layer/6 layers = 96 per pallet
3 Gallon Bag in Box: 10 per layer/6 layers = 60 per pallet

Profit Calculator


Profits & Margin

*Includes ice displacement or expansion

**All calculations are approximate, your results may vary

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