Betty Jean’s Brewed Tea Concentrates


NEW Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can order a case of 6 different flavors of Betty Jean’s delicious Iced Tea Concentrate. Each case contains one 64 ounce bottle each of Black Cherry Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Strawberry Watermelon Tea, Watermelon Hibiscus Tea, Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea.

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If you are looking for a tea concentrate that tastes like fresh brew, look no further! Betty Jean’s Brewed Tea Concentrate is made from fresh-brewed tea leaves and then concentrated to provide a more efficient way of serving tea, without sacrificing quality or flavor. Try Betty Jean’s Tea frozen for an added menu option or mix it with Betty Jean’s Lemonades for the best half/half. Available in sweet, unsweet, flavored and even green tea. All sweetened flavors are made with cane sugar. Betty Jean’s Teas yield 6 gallons per bottle when mixed (36 gallons per case). All flavored and green tea yields 3 gallons per bottle when mixed (18 gallons per case). *Unsweet tea is not recommended as a frozen beverage.


6 / 64 oz

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