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Freeze-O-Saurus FCB


Frozen Carbonated Beverages (FCB) are a traditional favorite treat. Our Freeze-O-Saurus FCB flavors work with any FCB equipment including FBD and Cornelius at a 5+1 ratio. Quality and expansion in the cup is equal to national brands. Connect with any non-proprietary universal fitment. Target expansion is 90% per serving. Four popular flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Cola.
3 gallon bag in box


Hartley’s Freeze O Saurus Frozen Carbonated Beverage Syrup is formulated for high capacity carbonated slush machines. Frozen Carbonated Beverage, or FCB, is similar in flavor to a slushie. The biggest difference is the fluffy texture and light carbonation. The carbonation gives a hint of fizz that you would typically find in soda.

When dispensed, this specially formulated FCB syrup rapidly expands in the cup when combined with water and CO2. Slush syrups will not work with an FCB machine.

In an independent study conducted by a leading national equipment manufacturer, Freeze O Saurus FCB Syrup showed:

  • Overrun consistently above 87%
  • Easy dispensing with no popping at the valve
  • Drinks showed no collapsing and stayed in the cup while inverted
  • Finished product had delightfully light texture and excellent quality

Stock Flavors
Blue Raspberry #8844158
Cherry #8844218
Cola #8844288

Case Pack: 3 gallon bag in a box
Case Dimensions: 15.43”L x 11.7”H x 10.25”W
Avg Case Weight: 34lbs
Yield per Case: 3 gal (11.36L), (384oz)
Shelf Life Before and After Opening: 720 days
Ingredient Benefits: No refrigeration required.
Allergens: n/a
Kosher: OU Kosher Certified Pareve


Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Cola, Lemonade, Banana


3 Gallon Bag-In-Box

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