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Betty Jean’s Brewed Tea Concentrates


NEW Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can order a case of 6 different flavors of Betty Jean’s delicious Iced Tea Concentrate. Each case contains one 64 ounce bottle each of Black Cherry Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Strawberry Watermelon Tea, Watermelon Hibiscus Tea, Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea.

Betty Jean’s Premium Lemonades


NEW Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can now get all 3 flavors of Betty Jean’s Lemonades in one case – Old Fashioned Lemonade (3 bottles), Mango Lemonade (2 bottles) and Sugar Free Lemonade (1 bottle). That’s six 64 ounce bottles of delicious lemonade that taste just like fresh squeezed, wow!

Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar


Say goodbye to granulated. Made with pure liquid cane sugar, Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar is a pure and simple way to sweeten your Tea. Brew your favorite tea then pour in Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar at any point during or after the brew cycle. It dissolves instantly and completely, even in cold beverages.
Available in 48 ounce bottles or 3 gallon bag in a box

Bioneat Waterless Hand Soap


According to the CDC hand washing is more effective than hand sanitizer against Covid-19. Now you can wash your hands anywhere anytime without water with Bioneat Waterless Hand Soap. Stop the spread of the Coronavirus! Bioneat is more effective against Covid-19 than alcohol based sanitizers and antibacterial products.

Rub a quarter-sized amount into hands for 20 seconds. Let dry naturally.

12/12.85oz bottles per case
6/64oz bottles per case with 1 pump
shipping included via FedEx Ground
for pallet pricing call 800-678-8448
12/12.85oz – 132 cases per pallet
6/64oz – 65 cases per pallet

Freeze-O-Saurus FCB


Frozen Carbonated Beverages (FCB) are a traditional favorite treat. Our Freeze-O-Saurus FCB flavors work with any FCB equipment including FBD and Cornelius at a 5+1 ratio. Quality and expansion in the cup is equal to national brands. Connect with any non-proprietary universal fitment. Target expansion is 90% per serving. Four popular flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Cola.
3 gallon bag in box

Freeze-O-Saurus Slush


For a limited time only, we are offering our best selling slush flavors in variety packs so you can enjoy them all.
2 Flavor variety pack contains 3 bottles of Blue Raspberry and 3 bottles of Cherry.
6 Flavor variety pack contains 1 bottle each of Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Passion Mango, Pina Colada, Strawberry & Watermelon.
6 / 64 ounce bottles per case.
5 : 1 mix ratio


Hartley’s French Toast Syrup

$30.00 $20.00

Thick, sweet, maple, vanilla & cinnamon deliciousness without having to make French toast.

Make pancakes taste like French toast. Make Waffles taste like French toast.  You get the idea.

Whip it with butter and serve with a basket of warm rolls or with sweet potato fries for dipping. Heat it up and pour it over vanilla ice cream and apple pie. Get creative!

12/13 ounce bottles per case

**Sale Price $20** Reg $30

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