Should my business offer Kosher Products?

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In the past, kosher foods were not understood for their value beyond religious ties to most consumers. Much has changed today. According to the Orthodox Union over 12 million Americans alone choose Kosher food products for health or dietary reasons.

The Orthodox Union (commonly referred to as the OU in reference to their packaging symbol), provides consumer confidence in their inspection and certification processes. Products are not only certified for the final consumable good, they are also certifying the ingredients within the final product. This includes the suppliers these ingredients come from.

Over 70% of products on supermarket shelves* contain the OU symbol. More consumers are becoming aware of the value of Kosher products. Not all consumers require this while eating outside of the home; however, it only benefits businesses who choose to offer Kosher products as you would consider other menu options such as Gluten Free. By not including Kosher menu options, you may be excluding potential customers.

While there are many Kosher governing agencies, the Orthodox Union is the most widely recognized and accepted. The majority of Hartley’s Brand stocked products are OU Kosher. In addition, for those wishing to Private Label products, our Marketing Department can assist with an OU Kosher Private Label Program.

The choice is ultimately yours as a business owner whether the needs meets the demand. While this may not be a requirement, it’s definitely worth considering when reviewing menu options.



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