Hand Mixed Beverages

Hand Mixed Beverages

Hand Mixed Beverages

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Betty Jean’s Brewed Tea Concentrates


NEW Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can order a case of 6 different flavors of Betty Jean’s delicious Iced Tea Concentrate. Each case contains one 64 ounce bottle each of Black Cherry Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Strawberry Watermelon Tea, Watermelon Hibiscus Tea, Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea.

Betty Jean’s Premium Lemonades


NEW Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can now get all 3 flavors of Betty Jean’s Lemonades in one case – Old Fashioned Lemonade (3 bottles), Mango Lemonade (2 bottles) and Sugar Free Lemonade (1 bottle). That’s six 64 ounce bottles of delicious lemonade that taste just like fresh squeezed, wow!

Juice Burst 100% Juice


NEW 4 Flavor Juice Burst Variety Pack
For a limited time only, you can now order a case of Juice Burst 100% Juice with 4 different flavors – Apple (2 bottles), White Grape (2 bottles), Fruit Punch (1 bottle) and Very Berry (1 bottle), wow! That’s six half gallon bottles of delicious, nutritious, no color added juice concentrate that is quite popular with schools, day cares. Kid approved flavors!!
6 / 64 ounce bottles
5 : 1 mix ratio

NEW! Variety Packs


Our most popular products are now available
in multi flavor variety packs.

Slush mix – 2 flavors:
Blue Raspberry, Cherry (3 each)
5:1 mix ratio

Slush mix – 6 flavors:
Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Passion Mango, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Watermelon (1 each)
5:1 mix ratio

Juice – 4 flavors:
Apple (2), White Grape (2), Fruit Punch (1), Very Berry (1)
5:1 mix ratio

Iced Tea – 6 flavors:
Black Cherry, Honey Lemon Green, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Hibiscus, Sweet, Unsweet (1 each)
5:1 mix ratio for flavors
11:1 mix ratio sweet & unsweet

Lemonade – 3 Flavors:
Old Fashioned (3), Mango (2), Sugar Free (1)
5:1 mix ratio

Daiquiri Mix – 4 Flavors:
Margarita (3), Strawberry(2), Mango (1), PIna Colada (1)
3:1 mix ratio

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