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Fountain / Dispensed Beverages

Fountain / Dispensed Beverages

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Freeze-O-Saurus FCB


Frozen Carbonated Beverages (FCB) are a traditional favorite treat. Our Freeze-O-Saurus FCB flavors work with any FCB equipment including FBD and Cornelius at a 5+1 ratio. Quality and expansion in the cup is equal to national brands. Connect with any non-proprietary universal fitment. Target expansion is 90% per serving. Four popular flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Cola.
3 gallon bag in box

Freeze-O-Saurus Slush


For a limited time only, we are offering our best selling slush flavors in variety packs so you can enjoy them all.
2 Flavor variety pack contains 3 bottles of Blue Raspberry and 3 bottles of Cherry.
6 Flavor variety pack contains 1 bottle each of Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Passion Mango, Pina Colada, Strawberry & Watermelon.
6 / 64 ounce bottles per case.
5 : 1 mix ratio

NEW! Variety Packs


Our most popular products are now available
in multi flavor variety packs.

Slush mix – 2 flavors:
Blue Raspberry, Cherry (3 each)
5:1 mix ratio

Slush mix – 6 flavors:
Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Passion Mango, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Watermelon (1 each)
5:1 mix ratio

Juice – 4 flavors:
Apple (2), White Grape (2), Fruit Punch (1), Very Berry (1)
5:1 mix ratio

Iced Tea – 6 flavors:
Black Cherry, Honey Lemon Green, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Hibiscus, Sweet, Unsweet (1 each)
5:1 mix ratio for flavors
11:1 mix ratio sweet & unsweet

Lemonade – 3 Flavors:
Old Fashioned (3), Mango (2), Sugar Free (1)
5:1 mix ratio

Daiquiri Mix – 4 Flavors:
Margarita (3), Strawberry(2), Mango (1), PIna Colada (1)
3:1 mix ratio

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