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Welcome to the New Hartley’s Blog. This is the first of many Hartley’s Blogs to come. As we start this new venture, our aim is to blend the tradition and experience of 50 years with the communication technology of today, to share many useful pieces of information with you, our readers.

When H&H Products was founded in 1964 by Len Hartley (my Dad), his goal was to help people. He had grown up with a father and a grandfather in the beverage business, so beverage was all he knew. He set out to use what he knew to help people. The same rings true today. We are still in the business of using our knowledge of beverage (and other food items) to help our customers. Help them do what you might ask? There are three areas we want to help.

Market Trends

We keep up with trends in the beverage and foodservice world to keep you informed and the best and brightest ideas to keep your business on the cutting edge. This might include trending flavors or new product lines. It might be a new piece of equipment that helps you be more efficient or consistent. It might just be a reminder of how to use an old favorite in a new and exciting way. I am sure not every post will have direct interest to all our readers but our goal is to never let you be surprised by something happening in the industry.


In today’s fast paced world of foodservice, things are always changing. Whether it is trends like mentioned above or just instructions on how to train your employees to use our products, we want assist you with articles and videos to help train you and your people. Maybe you just need to know how to clean that slush or cocktail machine you bought. Maybe you need to know how to properly market your Premium Beverages to maximize profits. These are the type of education and information we want to share.


I have been quoted many times as saying, “Today, we have more ways than ever to communicate and yet, often, do a poorer job of communicating.” We want to listen to you. As much as we can read and research, we aren’t in your shoes every day. Whether you are a food distributor or someone in the trenches of Foodservice, we know you have ideas and questions. Please share your ideas and ask your questions. We will do all we can to find you the right answers. Please know that what is important to you, is what is important to us. It has to be or we are not truly helping, we are just a clanging cymbal, an annoying noise. Email us your ideas and questions at I will personally guarantee no request will go unanswered.


Thank you for taking the time to read this inaugural blog. I hope that you will look for additional entries from Hartley’s Brand and that you will help us in sharing with us the information you want to see.

Morris Hartley, CBG (Chief Beverage Guy)

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    • Tim DeVore

    • March 4, 2015

    I really like what you have done to the website.


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