Celebrate Everything with Mile Marker 0 Frozen Daiquiris and Fruit Smoothies

How do you enjoy life? Do you dance the night away with your best girlfriends with a pina -colada in hand? Cheer to the weekend with a sweet strawberry daiquiri? Enjoy Taco Tuesdays with a frozen margarita? Sip on a banana smoothie outside your favorite café? Relish in the first warm day of spring with a mango tropical smoothie?

No matter how you prefer to enjoy life, take Mile Marker 0 along. Our frozen cocktail and fruity smoothie mixes help you celebrate everything in life, from a relaxing day by the pool to scoring a big promotion. Mile Marker 0 helps you celebrate life like every day is a vacation.


Frozen Daiquiris and Fruit Smoothies in Seven Great Flavors


Celebrate like you’re at Marti Gras every day with Mile Marker 0 Hurricane mix. Bright tropical flavors with hints of orange and cherry are blended with cane sugar to create the perfect mixed drink. Experience blended with ice as a tropical smoothie or enjoy as a classic rum cocktail style Hurricane that will take you right to the streets of New Orleans.



Plump summer berries picked and mixed with a bit of sugar make the base for this fruity berry mix. Enjoy the deliciousness of all your favorite fruits when you indulge in our Wildberry mix. Bursting with fruit purees and real juice, our Wildberry mix is like no other! Take a sip and enjoy the taste of summer no matter what time of the year it is.


Made with perfectly ripened Strawberries with actual seeds and a hint of sugar, this Strawberry daiquiri mix is pure perfection. This classic mix will take you straight to your perfect vacation spot no matter where you are at.


Juicy sweet mango puree makes up the base of this all season tropical mango daiquiri. Finished with a touch of cane sugar, this mango frozen daiquiri will dance on your taste buds and transport you straight to the tropics with its smooth finish.

Pina Colada

We’ll bring the vacation to you with Mile Marker 0’s rich tasting Pina Colada daiquiri mix. Creamy coconut and the juice from the ripest pineapples are sweetened with just the right touch of cane sugar to give this pina colada the perfectly balanced taste you crave.


Ah. The king of all daiquiris. This sweet and sour mix is enhanced with a hint of lime and just enough sugar to take you straight to pure happiness.  Whether you’re cruising the beaches of the Florida Keys or sitting on your front porch after a long day, this drink is sure to put you in a vacation state of mind.


Velvety smooth bananas are blended with sugar to make a thick and creamy banana smoothie mix you’ll want time after time. Add a shot of rum, ice and blend with Mile Marker 0’s Banana  Daiquiri Mix will transport you to a warm sunny paradise.


Mix. Sip. Enjoy

Because the Mile Marker line is a concentrate mix, you can add your favorite alcohol to make a fun frozen daiquiri or leave it out and blend the daiquiri mix with ice for a fruit smoothie you’ll love. Our classic daiquiri mixes are made with real bits of fruit picked at the peak of perfection and sweetened with a touch of real sugar, so every sip is bursting with flavor.

Mile Marker 0  is easy for anyone to use with our 3:1 mix ratio. Bar and restaurant staff can avoid sanitation risks with our shelf stable product. No need to refrigerate Mile Marker 0; it’s ready to use whenever and can sit out as long as you need it. It has requires little to no preparation so you spend less time making your drink and more time enjoying all the fruit sweetness of the daiquiri and celebrating life.

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    • Jennifer Rengel

    • July 12, 2019

    Mile Marker 0 PIna Colada is my favorite!

      • Emily

      • July 24, 2019

      Thanks Jennifer! We love it too

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