Introducing Betty Jean’s Premium Beverages

In 19Betty Jean64, my father, Len Hartley, founded H&H Products Company.  In 1965, married my sweet Mom, Betty (Jean). In the early years of the company, Mom would come to the plant after a full day of teaching to help wash out tanks and do whatever she could to help Dad. To this day, Dad will tell you she is much of the reason for the success of H&H Products Company. Mom’s presence has been a great part of the traditions set forth by our company for over fifty years.

Throughout the years, H&H Products Company has strived to continually improve and bring the best quality products to the market. Since lemonades and teas are a common southern favorite, we found ourselves on a mission to develop the perfect lemonade and tea concentrates. Combining lab development expertise with some good ol’ fashioned recipe attempts, Hartley’s Premium Lemonades and Teas were born.

In celebration of how H&H Products Company has grown over the past half a century, we have decided it is time to rebrand some of our product lines. Since Premium Beverages is one of our most popular lines (and one closest to our hearts), we’re starting there. As our team discussed this change, we all agreed that this product line deserved a name that represents our southern heritage, one that gives you a warm feeling just by saying its name out loud. In honor of my mother, I am proud to introduce you to Betty Jean’s Premium Lemonades and Teas.

The southern lemonades and teas in the Betty Jean’s product line will still have the same great taste as they always have – the taste that will keep your customers coming back for more. We hope you enjoy this new brand and this tribute to my mother as much as we will.

-Morris Hartley

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Director of Sales & Marketing

Emily Hauptvogel is the Director of Sales and Marketing for H&H Products. Born and raised in Indiana, Emily started her career in the grocery industry and worked her way up the ranks within the same company before moving to Florida. From there she sat on the opposite side of the desk as a broker before joining our team in 2005. With Emily's past and present career experience she has a true understanding of our customer needs and a desire to serve and learn more each day.

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