Institutional Foods

H&H Products offers several varieties of institutional food items to meet bid and contract requirements. Hartley’s Brands and H&H Brand products have been a trusted source at schools, hospitals, cruise ships and more. We offer food colors, imitation flavors, syrups, sauces, beverages and juices designed to meet the needs of individual bids.

We understand the challenges faced when placing a contract bid for institutional foods. H&H Products has multiple formulations ready to produce to meet the specifications of your bid contract.

Interested in distributing these products for street sales?  No worries!  Please Contact our Sales Team to discuss your specific business needs.

Hartley’s Liquid Food Coloring and Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor compare in strength to National Brands and are far more concentrated than independent brands. Our flavors and colors are always consistent and dependable and will not diminish under heat. For the perfect Red Velvet Cake, try Hartley’s Bright Red Food Color!

Hartley’s Food Color

Packed: 12, 32 oz bottles

Available Flavors: Egg Shade Yellow, Green, Blue and Bright Red

Hartley’s Imitation Vanilla Flavor

Packed: 12, 32 oz Bottles

4, 1 Gallon Bottles

Hartley’s Light or Dark Corn Syrup compares to the leading National Brand! Hartley’s Light or Dark Corn Syrups are perfect for baking, candy making and other food service applications. Packed 4/1 Gallon per case.

H&H Imitation Pancake and Waffle Syrup is an economy syrup formulated to offer a low calorie option for institutional use. This product is half the calories of regular syrup (50 calories per 1 fl oz serving) and is available under the Lite or Imitation Syrup label. Packed 4/1 Gallon per case.

For additional syrup options to meet your business needs, please Contact Us or refer to our Pancake & Waffle Syrup page or Sugar Free Pancake & Waffle Syrup page.

Hartley’s Worcestershire Sauce is ideal as a marinade, seasoning or soup base. Hartley’s Worcestershire Sauce is equivalent to the leading national food service brands.

Hartley’s Soy Sauce can be used in traditional Asian dishes, Mediterranean dishes, or Caribbean cuisines to add a new and distinctive taste to virtually everything you cook. Our delicious Soy Sauce is equivalent in quality and salt content to the leading National Brand but without the National Brand price!

Both Hartley’s Worcestershire and Soy Sauce are packed 4/1 Gallon per case, Gluten Free and OU Kosher.

Hartley’s Brand and H&H Brand offer many shelf stable beverage concentrate solutions to meet your bid needs.  From 11+1 H&H Tea to 100% Orange Juice, we have a formula that meets the needs of individual bids. Please Contact Us to discuss the best program for your bid or contract.