There is nothing more delicious than the mixture of Hartley’s Sweet Tea and Hartley’s Premium Lemonade to make the absolute perfect Half & Half Beverage! Follow the simply recipe below, kick back and relax!


Take half a cup of Hartley’s Sweet Tea and mix with half a cup of Hartley’s Premium Lemonade.

Garnish with a lemon and enjoy! It’d doesn’t get any easier than that!


If you are looking for an instant tea concentrate that tastes just like fresh brewed tea, you have found it! Hartley’s Brewed Tea Concentrate is made from fresh-brewed tea leaves and then concentrated to provide a more efficient way of serving tea, without sacrificing quality or flavor.  The largest unknown loss in Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea is the cost of sugar. The way each employee makes Sweet Tea will vary to his or her taste preference.  However, with Hartley’s Brewed Sweet Tea Concentrate, you will achieve a consistent product every time. With no sugar to add, the taste is always the same – delicious!

Perfect for any restaurant or business serving tea, with Hartley’s Brewed Tea Concentrate there is less waste, less preparation time and most importantly your business will not miss a sale waiting on tea to brew.