Hartley’s Tea Sweet

Hartley’s Tea Sweet

Hartley’s Tea Sweet

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Consistent and Easy to Use
Although some restaurants may have a procedure for making Sweet Tea, many of the employees will vary that procedure based on their own taste or comments from customers. Liquid Sweeteners offer a consistent Sweet Tea every time because it requires no measuring.

Often times sugar does not get dissolved if the person making the tea does not stir the tea properly, leading to inconsistency as well as sanitation concerns.Liquid Sweeteners do not require any dissolving or heavy stirring.

Eliminate Sanitation Concerns
Sanitation is always a concern in any food-service operation. If the sugar is not dissolved properly, it can cake in the bottom of the tea urn or in the spigot. This can lead to bacteria if not cleaned regularly and properly. With Hartley’s Tea Sweet and Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar, there is no measuring or partial bags of sugar to store.

Use the entire 32 oz bottle of Hartley’s Tea Sweet or a 48 oz bottle Betty Jeans’s Tea Sugar for a 3-gallon brew and throw the empty container away. This eliminates the possible risk of cross contamination from improper handling of open bags of sugar and improper sanitation and storage of measuring cups. No handling bag-in-box sweetener option available for Betty Jean’s Tea Sugar.

Hartley’s Tea Sweet: 32 oz bottle

32 oz Bottle: Pour one bottle in 3 gallons of brewed tea and stir. Sweetened Tea is now ready to serve.

Case Packed:
6/32 oz Bottles

Case Dimensions:
6/32 oz Bottles: 13.37″ x 10.75″ x 10.10″

Estimated Case Weight:
6/32 oz Bottles: 18

OU Kosher: Yes

Gluten Free: Yes

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