Daiquiri Mixes

Daiquiri Mixes

Daiquiri Mixes

Mile Marker 0


Say hello to Mile Marker 0. If you want a versatile product that works anywhere beverages are served – look no further.

Made with filtered water, real fruit juice, fruit purees, and cane sugar, we wanted to create a product line that makes your customers feel like they are on vacation every time they take a sip.

Our Mile Marker 0 mixers are extra thick and loaded with purees and juices to create the best tasting daiquiri or smoothie. These mixers are formulated to use on the rocks, in a blender or a frozen cocktail machine. All mixers can be made with or without alcohol. We recommend adding alcohol after dispensing when using slush or granita machines to help with freeze down time and create more options for your customers.

And the best part is that our mixers are shelf stable! No freezing or thawing. Simply store in a cool, dry place, and your mixes are ready to blend. No refrigeration is required before or after opening.

  • Banana
  • Hurricane *NEW*
  • Margarita
  • Mango
  • Pina Colada
  • Strawberry

In a blender: Blend 2 oz of mix, 6 oz ice and 1 oz water. Blend until smooth. Makes 1, 12 oz drink.

In a slush or granita machine: Mix one part (1) mix with three parts (3) water. For the best quality, use purified or filtered water. Follow the setting instructions on the equipment for freeze settings.

Case Packed: 6, 64 oz bottles

Mix Ratio: 3+1

Finished Ounces per Case: 1,536

Case Dimensions: 10″ x 14.2″ x 11.75″

Estimated Case Weight: 33

OU Kosher: Yes

Gluten Free: Yes

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