Betty Jean’s Premium Beverages

90715_punchHave you tried our Betty Jean’s Premium Beverages? If not, you are missing out on our home-style, southern recipes! Betty Jean’s Premium Concentrates are made with cane sugar, real citrus oils and natural flavors, which gives our beverages a longer shelf life. Betty Jean’s Lemonade is the perfect balance of sweetness and lemon tart. Betty Jean’s Premium Concentrates can be used as a chilled hand mixed beverage or for frozen drinks in a blender or in a slush granita machine. For the best quality, we recommend purified water.

So whether you prefer lemonade, tea, fruit punch or all of the above, Betty Jean’s has a beverage that is perfect for you.

And for that extra bit of delicious summer flavor, try our recipe for Betty Jean’s Strawberry Lemonade! It’s one of our favorites here at H&H Products Company. Not only is it easy to make, it is absolutely delicious!


Add a shot of our Premium Strawberry Daiquiri to your glass of Lemonade, chill and enjoy.

*Although we suggest 1 oz of Strawberry syrup per glass, you can add a much as your taste buds desire!

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