5 Reasons to switch from sugar to Hartley’s Brand Tea Sweet

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1. Consistent Taste Every Time.

Using Hartley’s Brand Tea Sweet ensures that the brewed tea will taste the same no matter who is making it.

2. Controlled Cost.

Customer’s can eliminate the cost variance by knowing exactly how much sweetener they use and what it will cost them each month.

3. Sanitation.

If you have ever cleaned a tea urn, you’ll know what a mess sugar can be. Sugar buildup in the urn and spigot can lead to bacterial growth. With Tea Sweet, there is no build up and urns are easy to clean.

4. Easy to use and saves time.

Forget the hassle of measuring. Hartley’s Tea Sweet can be added at any point in the brewing process to any water temperature. No standing around and then stirring and attempting to get sugar dissolved. Simply pour in brewed tea, give a couple stirs and product is ready to serve.

5. Safety.

Restaurant owners are concerned with workman’s compensation. With employees stirring sugar in to hot tea, there is risk for injury. With sugar, you must stir until it has dissolved. With our Tea Sweet, simply pour in, give a couple stirs and you’re done.


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